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I explicitly consent to the processing of the personal data of my child who is under the age of 16 as the holder of parental responsibility which I hereby state for the following purposes.

In fully awareness of the consequences of the law, I hereby state that the data collected by me are absolutely accurate and true. The company “FILOHOTELIA S.A.” bears no responsibility for any loss of objects of value. A service to rent a safe in your room is provided.
On the day of my departure from the hotel, I accept to check-out until 12 pm..

Identity Data: full name, date of birth, identity or passport number, language of communication

Data of accommodation: room number, date and time of arrival/ departure, data about products consumption or / and used services, tourist agency or tourist office, terms of reservation, flight data, special preferences and interests, questions / requests / complaints of clients

Image Data: photographs / video by a video surveillance system

Children Data: name-surname, date of birth, passport number

Communication Data: home address, telephone (mobile / home phone number), email

Devices Data and Internet Browsing Data: number, date and duration of calls from the hotel phone, device data identification, ΙPaddress, MACaddress, internet browsing data, Operating System version, WiFi usage duration

Charge Data: VAT No., Credit / Debit Card numbers and type

Special Categories of Personal Data: nationality, religious belief, data concerning health

To manage your room reservation, your stay and other hospitality services (Check-in and payment, seat reservation or/and hotel services usage), satisfy your special requests regarding your stay (e.g. room preferences, food preferences etc.), monitor the use of the available services (e.g. hotel room phone, mini bar, room service, WiFi access etc.), manage various requests / complaints.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation you have the following rights:
i) Right of information and access.
ii) Right of rectification.
iii) Right to restriction of processing.
iv) Right to object.
v) Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”).
vi) Right to Data portability.
viii) Right to withdraw your consent when processing is based on consent.
To exercise your rights, you may send a registered letter to the following address or you can contact the Data Privacy Department of our company via e-mail at
In addition, you always have the right to address the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and make complaints in writing, either at the Headquarters of the Authority (Kifisias 1-3, Postal Code 115 23, Athens, tel. center +30 210 4675600/ fax +30 210 6475628) or via email at
For further information, you can visit the address

“FILOHOTELIA S.A.”, with distinctive title “EUROPA BEACH HOTEL” , having its registered office at Analipsis in Municipality of Chersonisos in Heraklion Crete (Greece), with VAT Nr. 800477793 and General Commerce Register Nr. 124615727000.
For further information regarding the “PRIVACY POLICY” of our company, you can visit our website or find the special information leaflet at the reception.

I state that after being informed adequately and in a plain, clear and intelligible manner, I explicitly and without reservation freely give my consent to the processing of the following data by the above-mentioned company for the following purposes additionally. Specifically:

Image data used for advertising purposes by the company and especially posts of photographs of me in the social media or the website of the company

Data concerning my health used to provide improved services as well as specialized medical services when needed (e.g. special diet, dealing with an accident

I consent to transmit these data to third parties and specifically:

Το other companies of the Group to provide similar services

To other Business Partners to provide similar services

To Online Reservation Platforms

Analipsi, Hersonissos 70014
Crete, Greece, PO Box 1010
tel.:+30 28970 21530
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